Would Putin be more likely to invade Ukraine if Trump was President?

Could Putin have had been wanting a Trump presidency to lessen the chances of U.S. intervention into a Russian invasion of Ukraine? The Russians know how to play the long game,the scenario in my head," Trump announces his presidential run and is quickly compromised by the Russians,he bends to their demands and does what he can to disrupt the Western alliance. Trump is largely incompetent and although he causes disruptions nothing irreparable occurs within NATO. An invasion is planned towards the end of Trumps presidency, however because of Covid-19 those plans are forced to be pushed back. Now Biden is president when the Russians are finally able to invade post covid but someone other than Trump is president throwing wrenches into their plans. Luckily for Putin though is that Trump did subvert the Republican party enough that they might not oppose an expansion of Russian power and many might even support it. Biden is still,however,a variable that Putin didnt account for when first putting this plan into action,he planned on invading pre-covid with a sympathetic presidency ". Disregarding my little story regardless of whether there’s a modicum of truth in it or not,would Putin be more likely to invade with a Trump presidency?

Putin wouldn’t have while Trump was in office. Mostly because when an enemy is tearing itself apart you don’t get in the way. After all we’ve already seen that by threatening Ukraine it has strengthened the Europeans willingness to confront Russia. Hell there was an article in the Washington Post last week that Sweden and Finland both neutrals sent representatives to NATO headquarters. Where they were told you have a standing invitation to join when you want in.

I think Putin would have been more likely to invade Ukraine if Trump was president. He could count on (or force) Trump to trumpet US isolationism.

I think Putin is beside himself confronting Biden’s clear-eyed strength.

Trump would be lending Putin C-5s to move his troops around with.

Bullshit. Russia would not have encroached on Ukraine if they knew there would have been actual consequences.

War with Russia is not tempting to anyone, but being perceived as weak or backing down, for a president is what has often led to foreign policy disasters. Leaders do all sorts of things they know they shouldn’t because of “politics.” Biden got so much flak for actually doing the right thing in Afghanistan that he might feel he can’t be perceived as “weak” this time. If you watch CNN, certainly a pro-Biden platform, you see a parade of ex-military and intelligence officers always pushing in the same direction. It’s the default position on everything.