White House Defends Letting Billions in Military Equipment Fall Into Taliban Hands

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Monday that it was not the Biden administration’s intention to arm the Taliban with billions of dollars in military equipment originally given to the Afghan government but claimed that the United States is taking steps to “reduce the amount of equipment” in the Taliban’s possession before completing the troop withdrawal at the end of the month.

Psaki, fielding questions at Monday’s White House press briefing, declined to “get into details” of how specifically U.S. forces are carrying out the equipment destruction or recovery but assured reporters “that is part of their effort.”

Rep. Jim Banks, an Indiana lawmaker who chairs the Republican Study Committee and served in Afghanistan, estimated the value of what was left behind at $85 billion.

The top White House spokeswoman outlined a series of choices the U.S. made that led to Taliban forces obtaining American-supplied equipment.

“We had to make an assessment several weeks ago about whether we provide materials to the Afghan National Security Forces so that they could fight the fight. Obviously, they decided not to fight, and we made the decision to provide them with that equipment and the material,” she continued. “We have not assessed that any group on the ground, whether it’s ISIS-K or the Taliban, has the ability to attack the United States.”

Psaki added, “There’s a difference between the threat that is posed to U.S. men and women serving or people who are gathering outside of the gates in Kabul and whether these individuals can attack the United States.”

“Our objective was not to leave them with any equipment, but that is not always an option when you are looking to retrograde and move out of a war zone,” she concluded.

Being perfectly fair. Most of the equipment doesnt work anyways most likely. What the real concern is if the radios and anything that could be considered OPSEC or is involved with our communications is still there in some of those vehicles left behind.

As those getting into the wrong hands will cause a shit show.

Socialism is when Biden leaves weapons, equipment, cars, helicopters, and planes to the Taliban for free.

Technically - the Afghan National Army left all of that to the Taliban…but it wouldn’t have happened if Dementia Joe hadn’t screwed this up so badly.

I get what you are saying. Yes the ANA did leave all that shit to them. Biden should have just followed Trump’s existing plan to withdraw slowly so the fucking taliban couldn’t get billions of dollars worth of our military equipment. Joe Biden should resign from office given the aftermath of the US withdrawal and the resulting Taliban takeover.

Yeah - so we could stay in Afghanistan forever. Sounds like a perfect plan. Many such cases.

The Taliban has announced their political agenda for Afghanistan:

  • Abortion is banned
  • Gay marriage outlawed
  • Rejection of science
  • No vaccines (against their religion)
  • No separation of church & state
  • Religion taught in schools

Wondering how long until weapons left behind in Afghanistan harms or kills Americans. 3 months?

Failed President Biden is an embarrassment for American citizens. We apologize to the World.


It’s all part of deliberate destabilization of the Western World. Know your enemies. They’ll have these weapons and extremists used against us, then blame innocent Americans for owning guns to defend ourselves. Common tactic of despotic corrupt tyrannical governments.

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Great point.

We sure did teach the taliban this time, if they try some shit again we’re gonna leave more of our equipment!

We invaded and occupied their country for 20 years, I think that’s a good enough deterrent to stop them from engaging in terrorism.

Didn’t stop them from killing U.S soldiers during that 20 year period

That’s the plan. They need to make such a mess for Biden that Kamala “Heels Up” Harris assumes the presidency without being elected….

Taliban parade captured US military equipment in Kandahar

More info

They are scrubbing all of the data on how many weapons they left behind in Afghanistan from all federal websites.

The internet never forgets.