Shungite to counter electromagnetic pollution

I don’t understand the mechanism of how this works, but from what I heard, this stone from Russia effectively cuts harmful radiation. I’m going to give it a go.

You should read the full article. This isn’t about some magic crystal that protects you from all sorts of radiation.

On the contrary this type of crystal is a collector of all visible radiation and within the microwave range as well.

They can take that energy and convert it directly to electricity which could then theoretically greatly enhance the efficiency of solar power cells, chargers etc.

I heard of a guy who made a lid (out of shungite) for the smartmeter.

And he was told by the electric company that the smartmeter wasn’t sending signals properly

You can hear of literally anything, that doesn’t mean it has any basis in fact whatsoever.

If you don’t like what I post (which I do for further discussions), come up with a counterargument with substantiating material or your own experiences with shungite.

I already have when I explained the article to you.

“What you heard” is not a fact to be discussed since A there’s no way to verify it and B one can’t prove a negative.

It is a fact, you can literally hear anything, that doesn’t make what you heard true

“What I heard” is a valid statement, even in the court of law, unless stated with an intention to deceive.

Of course I can literally hear anything but it’s up to me to make the determination, based on the personality, reliability and trustworthiness of the person making such a statement.

Shungite protects not only from EMF waves but also microwaves by turning around the anti-clockwise circuit in the other direction. Truly an amazing mineraloid.

I don’t know much about this stuff but if it isn’t hurting you or anybody else then there isn’t harm in trying something. Even if it doesn’t really work but it makes you feel better then it was worth the money