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US News & Politics

This category is for the discussion of breaking political news that occurs within the United States or within any U.S. territory. The majority of discussions will take place here, but we do have several defined sub-categories Please post appropriately.

World News & Politics

This category is for the general discussion of breaking global news and political events that are not aligned to a specific geographic region of the world. We do have several defined geographic sub-categories. Please post appropriately.


This forum is for the discussion of economic issues including production and trade, recessions, global finance, markets, micro and macroeconomics, interest rates, inflation, taxation, and more.


This category is for those who want to protect themselves from man-made and natural disasters, financial collapse, EMPs, etc. Please keep all threads survival / prepping focused.

Science and Technology

This category is for topics related to science and technology. Topics in this category generally contain news, articles, and discussions about scientific and technological advancements, legislation that impacts the implementation or regulation of science and technology, as well as lighter interest topics related to consumer electronics.


This category is for completely random topics that are unrelated to any other category.

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